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I am on sabbatical for the next two months through mid-March. If you would like to set up an appointment for when I return, please complete the form below and I will attempt to respond within 7 – 10 days of receiving the request.


My name is Sherry Gorrell and I can help you!

I have been a Certified and Supreme Court approved mediator, facilitator, and collaboration coach since the late 1990’s, and have come to absolutely know that within every conflict lies opportunity to create powerful and positive change.

I also practice Heart Centered Therapy – a regression therapy to release old imprinted patterns that have been keeping you from living your highest potential!

  • Within every pain are possibilities.
  • Within every ending is a brand new beginning.

One of my greatest joys has been in facilitating and empowering individuals, divorcing couples, families, co-workers, project groups, non-profits, small government agencies and others to navigate through “challenging” experiences, connect with what inspires them, and evolve into energized, collaborative people and teams!

I am now focusing on working with individuals, families, co-workers and neighbors in a low key, safe environment.

However, at this time I am traveling until mid-March with sketchy internet.

If you would like to set up an appointment for when I return, please complete the form below and I will attempt to respond within 7 – 10 days of receiving the request.

Website to be rebuilt soon! Thank you for your patience!



…I spent the entire day with my co-workers taking a much-needed field trip. We were not able to do this even as recently as 6 months ago and we all agreed that it would have not been possible without your assistance. We celebrated some accomplishments …Each of us shared some insight about how far we have come, and acknowledged the kinds of things that we can do to continue moving forward together. My supervisor has noticed that we are working together much more positively and productively. We have also recommended your services to our co-workers who are having teamwork issues. I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks and appreciation.”

~ PC, Programs Manager


Sherry helped me plan and execute a large (2 day) workshop designed to convey complex research topics to a diverse and large audience composed of laypeople, decision makers, and researchers. Her participation greatly enhanced the overall workshop experience for all involved and made it fun for the attendees to learn and act on new research information. After the workshop, many people said it was the best workshop they’d ever participated in.

Dan I., Research Scientist”


Sherry is kind, compassionate and great to work with. I felt at ease as soon as I walked into her office. She covered issues that helped us greatly and developed a realistic and achievable plan that worked for both of us. My ex and I are communicating so much better now and we understand each others emotions and actions allot better now which helps us parent our little girl even better. I would recommend Sherry and her services to anyone! She truly will never understand how much we appreciate her!

-L.P. (Mom)


The mediation sessions were extremely insightful. I appreciated Sherry’s attention to create a positive interaction between us and her work to redirect the negative “You” statements to positive “I” statements. The opportunity to speak to Sherry one-on-one gave me space to feel safe when otherwise I sometimes felt attacked. I especially appreciated the session where Sherry and I worked alone and discussed the “energies” of interpersonal communication helping me to better understand how to ‘flex’ and accommodate during a conflict. I thought that the personality styles and conflict styles work that we did the first day was very good. The work that we did with ‘interview’ stories and questions on leadership and teamwork seemed to break down barriers between us and provided positive qualities of what works well.

~KD, Co-Worker


Sherry Gorrell has proven to me that she is a highly effective mediation facilitator.

I have participated in several “Mediations” as a result of a broken kink in the employment setting.  Typically, I found myself more frustrated after a session than before the meeting. My view has changed dramatically  with Sherry Gorrell.

It was a strategic unveiling of the root of the personnel issue. The process was not rushed but smoothly navigated to the discovery mode. At no time did I feel that my arm was buckled behind my back. The employee who had requested the mediation was sharing and opening up as Sherry peeled away to the core of what was really the root of the problem.

Sherry was able to successfully direct the meeting in a non-threatening open format. As facts developed complicating the end result, Sherry remained patient. She skillfully lead the meeting back to a productive path and resolved the complaint.

Carol SC, Manager


have found Sherry’s assistance as a mediator very helpful in my family law cases.  I appreciate her willingness to bring the attorneys into the mediation process when it can be helpful.  I have also worked with her as a facilitator in resolving conflict in groups.

Her approach helped calm the anger and allowed the participants to focus on resolving the conflict in a collaborative manner where everyone felt their concerns were being heard and addressed.  I very highly recommend Sherry as a mediator and as a facilitator.

Audrey Numbers, Attorney and Collaborative Law Professional


Thanks for the great work you did last week (and the month before).   I had a lot of positive feedback.  There were a few that said they were uncertain about the facilitated format initially, but begrudgingly accepted its utility for getting us through so much material.  And it completely changed the experience for me.

I was able to engage in the workshop and actually listen to people and learn.  There is no other way it would have worked, and I can’t imagine it would have been anywhere near so productive and helpful without two very good facilitators!

Charlie L, Coordinator of statewide educational meeting


When I met you as our mediator I was in a spot I didn’t want nor know how to handle. Several times I think back and am so thankful for you helping Wendy and I work through our rough time. At the time I couldn’t believe life had much to offer other than misery and heartache. I am amazed that I had the fortitude to keep on track.

All our lives are the greater for those hard choices back then. Today life looks so much better. The kids are doing so fabulous I can hardly believe it!  Somehow I guess I am destined to have some awesome people help me through life’s ups and downs. You are one, and I want you to know this. To this day I am not sure how you did it.

A.I., Dad


Sherry, CONGRATULATIONS, you really nailed it!  The entire Family Law Section appreciated your work last Friday!  What a great job!  We have a dynamic, workable road map, thanks to you, Cindi and a lot of vision and inspiration from our members!

L.P., Chair