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Heart Centered Therapy

What Is Heart Centered Therapy/Healing (HCT) ?

The Circular Sherry Gorrell Heart Centered Therapist

HCT is a loving approach to emotional and physical healing.

…without reliving the trauma.

Unique dialoguing techniques safely identify, transform and heal unresolved emotion in the body, as well as related emotional dissociation and spiritual disconnection.

The healing includes not only the individual, but also those involved in the suffering and pain of an emotional disturbance… embracing the immediate family, the family lineage and beyond.

Heart Centered Therapy is a gentle and respectful process.  

The client most often completes the session with a sense of lightness and freedom…and the knowing that an old pattern or disturbance has been transcended.

I am on sabbatical for the next two months through mid-March. If you would like to set up an appointment for when I return, please complete the form below and I will attempt to respond within 7 – 10 days of receiving the request.

The HCT Process:

After a brief intake, defining an issue and determination of intention for the session, the client is led into a deeply relaxed state through deep breath as well as the intentional connecting and aligning of Hearts, Higher Wisdom/Self/Oneness/Higher Power/Spirit Guide.

Simple and safe inquiry and dialogue guide the client from a disturbing feeling or emotion to identifying and transforming unconscious beliefs that have been detrimental to their health, happiness and well being.

The client travels back in time, usually to early childhood or earlier to the onset of the trauma, without reliving the trauma.  With gentle inquiry, the inner child finds and reconnects with a core value that was given up to stay harmonious or resonant with the parent. This is often very nurturing and empowering. The child then reconnects with the eyes of the parent…and observes the resonance fields and the Spiritual/Emotional Virus (SEVirus) in the parent.

Through a gentle inquiry process, the child is able to see the TRUE nature of the parent and helps the parent to see them self as their highest self.

The child and parent align and choose to heal the SEVirus.  The adult/child client then chooses to track the ancestral lineage to the originator of the SEVirus, often going back 100s or 1000s of years to a particular country to the ancestor and the originating trauma.

The adult/child then connects with the ancestor helping the ancestor to understand the impact of the original decisions.  The ancestor expresses his/her feelings then chooses to heal this traumatic SEVirus that rippled out to the family and loved ones.  All ascending and descending lineage, including those associated with the family/the client are invited to be healed.

The client, with the assistance of Spiritual Guides, chooses to be healed of the SEVirus and simultaneously holds the space for all the others to be healed with their Spiritual Guides as well. This is generally a very moving and comforting and profoundly healing experience for the adult/child client and the parent…and all that are taking part in the healing.

Once the client is back to the present time/place we take time to gently review the experience.  It is recommended that the client take some quiet time the next couple hours by walking, journaling or meditating to reflect and integrate the healing.

The sessions are usually 1.5 – 2 hours.  By that evening or the next day, a simple recap is emailed to the client of key elements expressed and a suggested homework assignment to deepen and integrate the healing.


To book an appointment, please complete the form, email Sherry with 3 dates and time options or call 208-880-8670 and you will be scheduled. Appointments can be made on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays at either 1pm or 4pm or other times by special request.

Personal Sessions are $173 each or 3 sessions for $495 and payable by cash, check, money order or credit card.

Phone Sessions are $155 each or 3 sessions for $445 and payable by check, money order or credit card.

Combo Session  1st Personal Session plus 2 Phone Sessions:  $460

Sherry’s Role as Facilitator:

My intention is to be a conduit for the client’s own healing while facilitating this simple and expansive process.  To connect and align with my Heart/Universal Heart and Highest Divine Wisdom/God Self.  To hold sacred safe space for the client and family lineage to do the same.  The intention is that all questions come from this sacred space, facilitating higher awareness  and healing and ultimately freedom for the client and family!

Since 1998 I have been professionally facilitating and mediating co-workers, business associates and families involved in conflict.  Even though many of the surface issues are resolved through the mediation process, many clients are emotionally “stressed out” and traumatized and experiencing a range of emotions including anger, rage, sadness, betrayal, judgement, guilt, deep hurt and pain… most clients, if not all upon inquiry, have noticed stress related issues in their physical bodies. For years I have referred clients to traditional psychotherapists and healers.

HCT can be used in conjunction with more traditional western therapies.

The root of most conflict lies within the subconscious of each individual….and often goes back to childhood trauma and subconscious/unconscious beliefs and patterns imprinted.  Many of us carry physical issues that have manifested out of these traumas and beliefs.  If we can heal the emotional trauma or imprint, we can often heal the mind/body.  By healing the mind/body the person can connect with higher awareness and begin to live in a place of love, joy and peace….and freedom!

Sherry’s Personal HCT Experience:

Years ago while very relaxed and receiving a Cranial Sacral session (this is therapeutic touch session for spine/lower back/neck issues) I experienced an amazing healing as the practitioner friend, in a very loving way, asked me a few simple questions that I responded to.

The simple safe questions took me back to a moment when I was 3 years old hiding in my bedroom closet.  I was afraid to come out as there was a scary Jack Nicholson-like face looking in my bedroom window.

I had this same re-occurring “scary man at the window” nightmare over and over as a child/teen.  I was frightened hiding in the closet, yet felt safe that her voice was there with me.  The practitioner helped me connect with my courage … something that I had been lacking as a child/young adult.   In this scenario, as I came out of the closet my father was gently knocking at my bedroom door.

He was leaving my mom and wanted to tell me how much he loved me.  He scooped me up and with my little arms hanging onto his neck he held me and we both cried.  The scary face at the window turned into a nice friendly face.  My mom and dad then divorced and I rarely saw my dad as my mom did not allow it.

This was an impactful healing experience for me with the memory of my father who I thought had abandoned me and my sister.

Fast forward to spring 2013, a friend going through a difficult divorce mentioned that she had experienced a healing session and a “Heart Centered” process was used.  Having had a neck injury, I immediately contacted the physical therapist and had an impactful session.  What seemed to be most beneficial were the gentle questions she asked.

I again went back to childhood.  I booked another session, realizing this had been the process that had been used on me years ago.  I immediately signed up for the Level I four day training that just happened to be offered in Boise a week later with Alaya Chickly from the Chickly Institute*.

This was so very powerful in the learning and understanding of the processes and the healing of deeper issues I had carried from childhood and possibly before.  And the realization that my mother most likely carried these issues from her mother (my grandmother) and her mother’s mother (my great grandmother) etc… Same with my father.

Patterns that had been imprinted generation after generation.  Healing of the entire family lineage took place…back to the beginning of the issue.  It was as if layers of weight and confusion were peeled off, giving me emotional and physical relief and lightness, clarity of purpose and a feeling of simple and profound LOVE.

I have benefited profoundly with each session I have received.  And so therefore have my daughters and other family members.

Sherry’s Heart Centered Therapy and Tanran Reiki Healing Training and Background:

Over a 1.5 year period I completed in September 2014 the Level I, Level II, and Level III  trainings with Alaya Chikly and have facilitated 45+ post training Heart Centered Therapy/Healing sessions.   Having practiced as a professional facilitator, certified professional mediator and collaboration coach since 1998, I am now incorporating one on one nurturing and safe HCT sessions of inquiry for adults, teens and children who are choosing to resolve an issue … whether it is emotional, physical or relationship in nature.  I am also a Tanran Reiki Master.



*Heart Centered Therapy was developed by Dr Bruno Chikly, MD, DO and Alaya Chikly, LMT

Using a pragmatic step-by-step protocol, HCT gives clear guide lines on how to begin, mediate and close a session.

The tools and methods given provide the practitioner the confidence and ability to safely facilitate deep levels of healing and transformation. Inside the gentleness is a very direct, straightforward approach that pierces straight to the core of an issue.

The HCT format ensures a safe ground for the client as they enter each stage of the process. The client is ensured to feel absolutely safe and sincerely supported in every step of the way. A trauma does not need to be relived to be healed.

Resistance is seen as a protection mechanism of the body, mind or soul and will be addressed with ease and confidence. By using the specific HCT techniques, the client is able to safely release old patterns that are blocking their progress as they gain new found insight, wisdom and strength.

Limited perspectives dissolve and the client learns to discern the difference between information perceived from the mind that can intensify trauma, and the higher information received through the wisdom of the Heart that raises truth and healing. This ability empowers the individual to claim their authenticity.

Emotional Healing without Reliving the Trauma

Heart Centered Therapy by Alaya Chikly (creator of HCT):

Alaya Chikly is a certified massage therapist with a bachelor’s degree in humanities. She has devoted the past 28 years to developing tools for emotional and spiritual healing.

Alaya has a profound ability to understand healing through the wisdom of the heart. Heart Centered Therapy (HCT) is a gift that she shares with others.

HCT was developed by Alaya while on a soul quest seeking spiritual understanding and healing. She has studied healing in Thailand, Jerusalem, Israel, and Paris, France. She met with teachers, scholars and healers that were able to give her the resources to heal body, mind and soul. This work truly emerged from her love of heart, and her longing for truth.

The experience of HCT is an opening of the heart, the gateway to the sacred journey within.

Alaya has taught Heart Centered Therapy internationally including USA, Canada, Mexico. France, UK, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Germany and Scotland.

Over 1,000 students have attended an HCT class in the last 10 years.

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Oh Sherry,
There aren’t enough words to convey my gratitude for the powerful heart session…!
This process … nudged the transition I have been feeling for many months and have provided mind-ways for me to move ahead-whew!
The homework – a tool I started using last night!
The recap-super important-it’s so darn hard to recall items on the grocery list anymore-not to mention all the important reflections and “golden nuggets” you pulled from our session.
~SF, Boise, ID

Thank you so much for the Heart Session. It was perfect timing for me. I will start on my homework immediately! I’m still processing session, but I can feel some physical changes, which I didn’t expect. I was energized when I woke up for the first time in a long time. I was able to sit through a 35min meditation without pain-first time since my accident-and I completed many tasks before heading to the shop! Your an amazing woman and I feel so blessed … Love and light to you!
~TB, Boise, ID

Good Evening Sherry,
Thank you so much for such a powerful healing session. Since we have met my life has been filled with peace and forgiveness. I will continue to work and become more accepting of myself and others. I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation enough for your time. Thank you again!
~BB, Boise, ID